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iOS Butterfly iQ app updates.

We’re constantly looking for your feedback and responding with new features and tools to make the iQ work better for you. We release a new version of the iQ app every month. Check back here to see the latest product updates and feature enhancements.

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Version 1.18
April 26, 2020
New feature
Perform Gestational Age and Amniotic Fluid Index calculations.

Available via the actions menu in the obstetric preset.

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New feature
Pulsed Wave Doppler available in the Vascular: Access preset.

Available in USA only within the Vascular: Access preset.

New feature
Capture a still image by pressing the battery indicator button on the iQ.

Available via the settings menu.

New feature
Save and share 3D bladder volume views.

Available in all countries outside of the USA and Canada.

Improved firmware update notification.

This app update includes a 90-second firmware update.

Version 1.17
March 26, 2019
Improved interface for accessing modes and tools.

Click “Action” in the main imaging screen.

New feature
Referral program.

Refer a friend to give them 3 complimentary months of Butterfly Pro membership (USA, Australia, and New Zealand only).

Extend offline use beyond 30-day limit.

Available upon request through Butterfly Support.

New feature
Now access the Butterfly Support Portal directly from the app.
Software update
End of support for iOS 11.

To continue receiving Butterfly iQ updates, upgrade your mobile software to iOS 12 or newer.

Version 1.16
March 2, 2019
New feature
Ophthalmic imaging is now available in Europe for iQs that support high-level disinfection (HLD).

To see if your iQ supports HLD, connect it to your mobile device, open the app, navigate to “Settings”, select “My iQ” (Not available in the US).

Improved firmware update notification.

There will now be a timer to indicate how long it will take your iQ to update firmware when you upgrade your iOS software.